Braviz: Interactive brain data visualization

Braviz teaser

Braviz is both, a python library, and a system with a graphical user interface which can be used to analyze brain data. To start select the point of view from which you want to use Braviz below.


Graphical Interface

  • Instant access to your project’s data
  • Visualize neuro-image data in context of tabular data
  • Perform basic statistical analyses
  • Visualize distribution of variables
  • Define your own variables based on neuro-image data

Visual Analytics with Braviz (Click here)

Python Library

  • Convenient access to neuro-image data
  • Use scripts to perform additional processing
  • Program new interactive visualizations
  • Interactively build custom visualizations

Braviz Library (Click here)


Braviz is being developed at the imagine research group as part of a phd thesis. The objective is providing brain researchers with interactive visualization tools, which will allow them to explore and grab insights from large and heterogeneus data-sets more efficiently. The focus is on user centered design, for heavy processing, calculations and visualization we rely when ever possible in other libraries.


Braviz would not have been possible without the kind contribution of the Kangaroo Foundation, whose experts contributed significant time in testing and providing feedback to our applications. They also provided the initial data on which all tests were carried.

I would also like to take some former members of the IMAGINE group who provided important help. Johana to who we owe the name Braviz, Luis, Jaime, Darwin, Juan Camilo, Alejandro and last but not least Diana to who we owe the very nice logo.